Hi everyone! Welcome to maR.D. to be! I'm Mariel, or Mar, as my close friends and family call  me.  I live outside of Boston and am currently pursuing my Masters in Food & Nutrition in order to become a registered dietitian! 

I have always had an interest in health, wellness, and nutrition.  This past February I applied to and was accepted into one of 24 spots in a very competitive program called the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD).  The CPD combines the coursework and internship experience needed to become a registered dietitian.  I begin my CPD coursework this coming fall.

I have been reading health, food, and fitness blogs for about three years now.  It started as something I did to pass the time at my old full-time job when things were slow, and grew into a hobby that I quite enjoy!  I hope to incorporate a variety of topics on this blog, including recipes, school, fitness, health, life, and more. 

Thanks for reading!


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