Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drinking, Hunting, Sanding, & Staining

This past weekend was my first full weekend in Boston this summer!  Between weddings, boating trips, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and family reunions, my weekends in Boston have been few and far between.  That's okay though.  I like weekend trips in the summer (or anytime, really).  It's nice to get away from the usual routine and scenery.

On Saturday, Jared, Jennifer, Bill, Mike, and I did Drink & Hunt, which is an awesome group event that combines a pub crawl and a scavenger hunt.  You use your smart phone to get clues about different bars in Boston, and then once you arrive at the correct bar, you have to find a challenge code in the bar that unlocks your 15 minute social break until the next clue is given.  We had a blast running through the streets of Boston in 90+ degree weather, taking pictures for the photo bonus questions, and answering trivia questions.  I definitely want to do this again sometime!  Our team, Tootsie Likes The E, came in second place!

Tootsie: one love.

Second place!

Stop, drop, and roll picture bonus.

With our man, Christopher Columbus.

Doing the sprinkler.

Checking out Paul Revere's pad.

After all the fun on Saturday, Mike and I used Sunday to get some things done around the homestead.  On the agenda: errands, staining our coffee table, and cleaning/organizing the back storage room.  It was a nice little [Sunday] if I do say so myself.  We even went to Home Depot.  No Bed, Bath, & Beyond though.  There wasn't enough time.

Safety first!

Eyeing up the task at hand.


Never thought my chemistry goggles would come in handy again!


That's right, I'm tough.

Cool cat.

After!  Check out that semi-gloss finish.

Time to work on my green thumb!

It was a great weekend!  On tap for this weekend: another wedding! Woo hoo!

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