Monday, August 29, 2011

What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home During A Hurricane

This involves activities both before and after losing power.

1) Play Yahtzee.

2) Stay up-to-date on the latest hurricane news.

3) Contact your family to see how they’re doing.

4) Try not to open the fridge.  Worry about all of the perishable food you stupidly bought yesterday.  Grr, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get out to the store today.

5) Study for the Professional Engineer exam…using a headlamp and candlelight.

6) Stock pile water in case of an emergency.  Even though you just bought a case of bottled water.

7) Read your new magazine that conveniently came in yesterday’s mail.

8) Play more Yahtzee.

 9) Go for a walk to assess the damage in your neighborhood.  Make sure to wear your Sunday best.  And appropriate footwear.

We found a big wishbone!

We ended up taking refuge at Jennifer and Bill's for a few hours to hang out, reconnect with the world (aka watch TV), and play some Monopoly.  Board games rule!  Our groceries were also happy to spend the night in their cold fridge.

The power was out for 21.5 hours.  That was enough for me!
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